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Mr. Chatarayamontri

Ms. Corsetti

Mr. Eifan

Prof. Miller

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Prof. Nurkin

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My name is Nguyen Phuc Thuy Hien, from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I have spent the academic year of 2005-06 at Pace University School of Law, New York. It was the most fruitful year in my scholar career.

Faculties of the Center for Environmental Legal Studies, Pace Law School
back: Prof. Ottinger, Prof. Paddock, Prof. Robinson, Prof. Shulman, Prof. Miller
front: Prof. Cao (China), Prof. Powers, Hien, Ms. Zipf (the assistant)

I have built this website first to report to the grantor, Fulbright Program, what I have accomplished after 9 months in the US; second to share my experience to other foreigners, who would like to go to the US for their academic purposes.